evidence-based practice with indigenous wisdom

guidance for each step of the way from preconception forward in your new journey into parenthood.


Individualized Care for Individuals


Antenatal care helps pregnant people get ready for a successful labor and birth exeperience. Focusing on mind and body awareness, nutrition counseling, as well as family and home preparation for a new baby.

A great resource for new parents as well as those with older children. Having a antenatal doula during pregnancy to help with preparing nourishing meals, general housework, and creating systems for a smooth family expansion is truly setting the stage for a low stress environment. Not to mention a built-in support system to assist in navigating the appropriate outside care.


Specialized care throughout labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. 

Three, one-hour, in-person meetings will be scheduled starting at 36 weeks. This time is set up to allow for a relationship to be built as well as discuss preferences and special needs. The ample time frame allows for questions to be answered as well as information on resources specific to the needs of the pregnant person and their family to be shared. 

Phone support for the early labor period melds into meeting at home, hospital, or birth center for continuous care, comfort, and advocacy throughout labor and birth. Ending when feeding has been established and a three-day postpartum appointment has been scheduled. 


Assistance with the transition into parenthood from the moment you're home.

Offering education and guidance with the feeding and basic care of newborns as well as foundational maternal postpartum emotional and physical healing that is most appropriate for the circumstances surrounding the birth outcome.

Nutritional support through counseling as well as with the preparation of nurturing foods for healing and establishing an adequate milk supply and depending on the need, helping hands are available to assist with routine household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and light errands.

*This service is based on the specific needs of each family and a consultation is necessary before establishing care. Areas of need that fall outside of the appropriate scope of practice will be referred to a trusted individual within the community.